Grief In Relationships

Resuming Life after Losing a Partner

There are many people who have lost a partner from a relationship, but nothing cuts deeper than those who lose one through death. There is no going back, doing things better, or a chance for redeeming the mistakes of the past. Their partner is gone, and they will never return. Trying to get through the grief is difficult enough, but the next task, resuming life after losing a partner, can actually be the most difficult step of all. It will take guts and determination to do it, so being prepared for the emotional toll it will take is important.

Going out with Friends
One of the best parts of life is knowing there are loving friends around at any time, but they can be even more of a gift when a partner dies. Their presence at the time it happens is often what helps people begin dealing with their loss, and they will continue to be there through the entire process. Good friends will insist that the one left behind eats, takes care of their own health and begins to function. When it is time to reentry society, going out with friends is the best way to begin the process.

Resuming a Normal Life
It will take a very long time for partners who were together for years before the one remaining is able to think about functioning in any normal capacity. Their partner, the person they loved deeply and trusted, has been taken from them. Resuming a normal life is something they might not be able to imagine, so friends and family will do their best to buffer them until they can take care of their own life. Normal things such as running errands, shopping and even taking pets to appointments are all things they can do to help the bereaved.

Dating Again
It would seem as if this would be the final step for a partner to get over the death of their loved one, but not all people are interested in finding someone new. Age is not really a factor for all of them, and it could be that their grieving process is taking longer than normal. For those who want to find another partner to share their life, dating again can be difficult. They may find they are not quite ready if their conversation remains tied on the joys of being with their lost spouse, but the attempt will at least help them make the adjustment to begin their life again.

For those who made the commitment to build a life together, losing a partner to death can be one of the most difficult times in their life. The person they counted on through all the bumps of life will never return, and even their anger at the situation is unproductive. Getting back on their feet can be done with the help of family and friends, but they may still need a lot of time before they are willing to form new romantic relationships. Moving on in life is difficult, but it may help them get past their grief.